It is never to soon to book your Destination Wedding Planner, especially if you have a large family where you would like them all to attend. The luxury of a Destination Wedding is that many guests use this time to either re-group with family member or to explore the country that you have chosen to have your Wedding.

I’m back today at my desk indulging into the excitement of the decade. Today, I caught up with one of my lifelong pals where we revisited our decade of friendship. Our Children couldn’t believe that people like us existed, that we could have ever had a life before we became mothers. We met in London, I was working with MTV living in North London, while she was nursing and living in Fulham. We would alternate our coffee catch ups between all the places that are now distance memories, Saturday mornings in Harrods then Selfridges jumping on the tube out to Greenwich, or Richmond. We would be often invited to Events, catwalk shows in Selfridges, fragrance launches in Harrods along with promotional movies and while at the time (our boyfriends, now husbands) had no interest in attending we would happily go.  London was filled with possibilities and we were loving life.

I was recently encouraged to start a blog on my website, this is a frightening stage to be at because while I love Wedding Planning and all the aspects of the day, placing words out into the internet world can be very challenging. However, this aside it is an exciting time and I’d love to share my views on Weddings, Events, reaching nearly 20 years of Marriage I wonder has there been such a change since my Wedding Day, in Christchurch, New Zealand 2000.Let’s see, explore and enjoy!