Weddings with Nicole

"Make the day personal, everyone is there because of you both, so let’s share your story & love with them,
Your style your way"

Congratulations, it is an amazing time in your life whether it is your first time or your 5th time every wedding should be celebrated with your style and filled with enchantment. It is important from the beginning to establish how you wish to celebrate your “I do”. Nicole brings to the table wisdom & knowledge that will show as you prepare for one of the greatest moments life has to offer. Offering thoughts of details that can be easily overlooked and work out any little kinks ahead of the Wedding. Nicole has the experience to properly improvise and direct suppliers (guests) to be in the right location at the right time and most importantly remains honest and true to your vision and budget.

A little taster once your Wedding is accepted by Secret Bridesmaid

Venue Selection – Meet with the most beautiful venues that Ireland has to offer, I will schedule meetings around your first confirmed visit. A private consultation on site, viewing along with me so that I can show you the potential of each venue. Whether as a couple you are looking for a Castle, Garden or Modern Venue you will not be let down with the selection. It won’t be difficult for you to choose your desired venue as I will know what you are looking for prior to your visit through our initial consultation. Once you have confirmed your Wedding nuptial date with your desired venue we start our planning selection. With being involved in the industry for so many decades and knowing the ins & outs, Secret Bridesmaid will be saving you hours of internet research. Through my extensive Private Event Management work I have built a strong relationship with the best of the industry. The suppliers on Secret Bridesmaid list are not paying to be subscribers nor do I receive any compensation from any supplier or venue, they are there due to their commitment and reliability and are the very best Ireland has to offer. As a couple you enjoy your engagement whilst I work on the timeline of your day with your suppliers so that you arrive to your nuptials on time and in your desired style. Celebrating as a Bride & Groom is a one- day luxury to be enjoyed with all the excitement of a fabulous life you both are about to begin.

It’s all a little Secret with our Secret Bridesmaid

You cannot be everywhere at once especially when you are placed at the Wedding Alter. Your own personalised Secret Bridesmaid who co-ordinates your perfected wedding schedule. Meet with your Secret Bridesmaid a month prior, going through all the details that you have executed over the last few months of your detailed planning. Your Secret Bridesmaid will take over the running of Events on the day, so that you get to spend time with your guests and your groom with the heartfelt knowledge of knowing that your Secret Bridesmaid has everything under control. Your Secret Bridesmaid will be at your Ceremony Rehearsal and then on the day with you, to keep things running smoothly to the timeline to get you all to the church on time & so that you can dance the night away knowing that everything will run seamlessly on the day. You Secret bridesmaid will be by your side until you lay your own head to rest, she will not lay hers.

Family Weddings - Our Speciality

From start to finish, you’re in good hands. Nicole pushes the envelope, thinks outside the box and ignites the creative process to deliver Family Weddings and other special Events.  We plan events that perfectly represent your individual style and personality, and at the same time looking after your little guests when Mummy & Daddy are at the altar. We cater to the tastes and desires of your children to ensure that the end result is a fabulously planned and exquisitely executed event that will forever be remembered and not a daunting day where your children are being forgotten or being pushing from one relative to another. Our dedication to you as a family is tireless and loving after all your family is our family and we ensure nothing but total care.