I was recently encouraged to start a blog on my website, this is a frightening stage to be at because while I love Wedding Planning and all the aspects of the day, placing words out into the internet world can be very challenging. However, this aside it is an exciting time and I’d love to share my views on Weddings, Events, reaching nearly 20 years of Marriage I wonder has there been such a change since my Wedding Day, in Christchurch, New Zealand 2000.Let’s see, explore and enjoy!


Planning your engagement was never intended, it is something you can’t control but as soon as you have said “Yes” suddenly, your closest and dearest expect you to have your plans in place. Regardless of your surprise and excitement it is quickly dimmed with questions fired at you. Start slowly and gently when breaking your news of your engagement, “We are enjoying the engaged moment for now”. This allows the magic to continue and a brief air of contentment for your loved ones. While the two of you head away for a few romantic nights. I am a big believer in being in the moment, I always encourage couples to take time for each other and really capturing the fun of where your life is going and enjoy this decision fully.

Over the next few weeks lets indulge into your Wedding Dreams, bringing all the elements to life Destinations, Wedding Elopements and all the charming factors in-between.

Special thanks to Niamh & John for allowing me to share your beautiful Engagement shots!