I’m back today at my desk indulging into the excitement of the decade. Today, I caught up with one of my lifelong pals where we revisited our decade of friendship. Our Children couldn’t believe that people like us existed, that we could have ever had a life before we became mothers. We met in London, I was working with MTV living in North London, while she was nursing and living in Fulham. We would alternate our coffee catch ups between all the places that are now distance memories, Saturday mornings in Harrods then Selfridges jumping on the tube out to Greenwich, or Richmond. We would be often invited to Events, catwalk shows in Selfridges, fragrance launches in Harrods along with promotional movies and while at the time (our boyfriends, now husbands) had no interest in attending we would happily go.  London was filled with possibilities and we were loving life.

I needed her to bring me back into reality to call over and to teach me how to converse again as my joy of Christmas celebrations and New Year’s hours drifted me out of reality! Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year!As well as encourage her to join me on a few Events here and abroad.

I posted during the festive season on Instagram SECRET BRIDESMAID International Wedding Planner. I love Instagram, Snapchat all the social media platforms I enjoy them all! You tube is another favourite and in the very near future. I am going to upload an exclusive interview that I did in stunning Kilronan Castle Estate & Spa, a perfect wedding venue. But to converse again in form of speech admittingly difficult so that catch up lasted a few hours. I feel rejuvenated after our catch up.

On Instagram, there is just a small snapshot of what goes on with Wedding Planning and my Elopement Weddings. Absolutely, no mentions of my private clients are they are exactly that private and confidential professionals.  Most of them don’t even have Instagram accounts for me to write of them or talk of them seems unprofessional as they prefer not to be on social media, there is a fine line.  Respectfully I always knowledge.

This year, I am focusing on my website www.secretbridesmaid.ie in particular my blog updates, so many ambitions this year. I thrive on being busy, but what does this year’s bride want, need, that is different from previous years. I know the answers but will the venues of IRELAND be up for the challenge as I see an increase of brides traveling abroad to be married is it just the weather they are escaping or have they just not had the right boxes ticked from Venues here in Ireland. This is where hiring a Wedding Planner brings in communication so that everything is arranged and in place, your planner brings life to your ideas, parameters are broadened. The difference between a Venue Co Ordinator and a Wedding Planner is like day and night, equally as important but when they work together the day for the couple is completely enhanced. I have heard of some Venue Co Ordinator’s not seeing the value in Wedding Planners but that only shows their lack of experience with Planners or an insecurity of themselves, you would never hear of a Personalised wedding Planner saying that of a Venue Co-Ordinator as we know how valuable they are and what they bring to the table. Often when Venues don’t encourage couples to have a personalised planner it is in hope that they won’t stretch ideas or explore more options it is to keep them in line as they want them to be. That is why I see the couples I work for ahead very much of the curve.

So, step 2 after engagement is, hire your Wedding Planner especially before your Venue is picked!I look forward to offering my advice on how to choose your Wedding Venue, together.


With Previous Bride @Niamh who joined me at Kilronan Castle Estate & Spa for a post wedding chat! I will load the interview onto You tube soon. Kilronan Castle is outstanding, and I have done many Weddings for couples and they have an amazing Wedding Team.


General Manager Michelle Coghlan joining us in conversation. Michelle is always very welcoming and so is all her supportive team.