Wedding Morning Dress Reveal

“The most beautiful thing that you can show people is how to reveal their own beauty to themselves”

Debasish Mridha

Your Wedding Day has finally arrived! Amidst the excitement of a hectic morning, your home filled with your Bridesmaids and immediate family and attending to their last little pieces of preparation, your Creative Team has arrived and we are in full swing with hairdressers busy along with your MUA. With music playing and champagne flowing, while you try nervously to eat a little breakfast, it really is the height of excitement. With only a few hours till you are ready to depart for your Marriage Ceremony, it’s now time to begin to be professionally dressed for one of the most exciting walks of your life…

Your Wedding Dress Reveal is an opportunity to halt time, it now becomes a precious and significant moment, a time in which to compose, breathe & capture this lasting memory forever.

The protocol of silence begins once we enter your dressing room. Your Dress Reveal is much more than simply putting your gown on for your Wedding Day. It begins the night before, when I come to your home/wedding venue and we talk about your accessories and their meaning to you and how they are to be worn. I then go and prepare your room in which you will be dressed the following morning. No other person will have access to the ‘Preparation Room’ until you next walk into the room on your Wedding Day.

I ensure everything is organised in detail. Everything you need including your dress, veil and headpiece, checking buttons and zips. I will box your jewellery, shoes, your something borrowed, fragrance etc. so nothing gets overlooked or left to the last minute and will ease any concerns you may have about preparations the following morning. On the morning itself, I arrive with my assistant who knows the time-line and schedule for the day. During your preparation time my assistant will be on hand to help your family and wedding party with any questions they may have.

When your hair and make-up has been done, then only you and I (and then later the photographer) are in your Preparation Room for twenty minutes. This may be the most valuable part of your morning preparation. Your Preparation Room is now your calm haven, with beautiful background music and everything ready that you need. With your wedding jewellery in place, you will step into your shoes and I spritz your body’s pulse points with your wedding fragrance. Then, with a beautifully soft body brush (personalised for you with name and date), I gently sweep your fragrance onto your body using relaxing, soft strokes, which send the fragrant notes over the body and as you walk the aisle your guests enjoy your beautiful Wedding Scent. This has a calming effect, slows your heart rate, gives you peace and allows your mind to focus just on this moment. There is no rushing, no panic, no words just stillness and gentleness. Before handling your dress I place on my white cotton gloves (new for every bride) and then help you into your wedding gown, ensuring it sits perfectly & correctly. One bride loved this process so much that later, once the day was over and the night had finished, she wrote and said “ Thank you so much for “my dress reveal moment”. You gave me serenity at precisely a time that I needed it and yet in that moment I didn’t know it. Only afterwards did it become plain to see why this piece of mindfulness helped me so much, and for that I will always be grateful to you. All of a sudden I was calm, composed & felt so elegantly dressed. I just knew I could face the aisle without panic or trying to adjust my dress or veil, as you had everything placed correctly and comfortably. It was beautiful and one of the best pieces of my wedding day…” Now you are ready to be revealed to your parents, family and bridesmaids and your photographer is positioned behind you facing the Preparation Room Door. My assistant brings the wedding party to the room and when the door is opened the photographer captures their reactions and expressions of love, joy and pride.

My work is not yet done, as I follow your car to the church/venue and fix your dress, train and veil for your entrance and your walk up the wedding aisle. As you say I do, I leave you in the knowledge that you are happy ever after. Prices from €375